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Rails and Sinatra

Primary use of Ruby on Rails and Sinatra on the backend with RSpec and Capybara for testing purposes.

JavaScript and Angular

Experience with writing modular Javascript code and utlizing AngularJS for stand-alone single-page applications.

JQuery and Bootstrap

Use of Bootstrap and JQuery for creating sleek and responsive design.

Git and Heroku

Frequent use of Git for version control and Github to host projects. Deployment through Heroku with a postgreSQL database.

Rails | Javascript | JQuery | AJAX | Amazon S3 | HTML & CSS
Historical Stock Simulator
Angular | Javascript | Bootstrap | HTML & CSS
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Rails | Bootstrap | HTML & CSS
Ruby on Rails API | Angular | Heroku | Amazon S3 | Bootstrap

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I'm looking for new and exciting opportunies as a full stack web developer. I am welcome to all questions and comments.